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Video Services
for the Business and Performing Arts Communities

Video is everywhere. We'll make it work for you.

Stream Productions provides professional video production services for businesses, websites, the arts, and more. We have full-time videographers and corporate video producers on staff and will provide an experienced video producer for a wide variety of services. For corporations, record a “Message From the CEO” or spokesperson for your website or social media, designed to promote and grow your business. Or, you can record business presentations and edit in supporting visuals to create a dynamic video to be hosted on your website or internal network.

We also offer customer and client interviews and testimonials, perfect for increasing customer confidence in your brand. We can come to you or use our studio and green screen room.

Affordable Video for Your Website in our Studio
with Greenscreen & Teleprompter

You'll find it easy to read your script from the teleprompter while we add
a virtual background, company logo, graphics and even supporting video.
All this and more is done from our in house Greenscreen Studio.

Planning a presentation or conference? Why not have it recorded for either archiving or hosting online. A video hosted on the web is a great way for those that can't attend to view a presentation, and we can even integrate power point slides or other videos with the original presentation for a more a more compelling experience. Check out our Event Streaming and Corporate Video pages as well, for other options on using your presentations most effectively.

Rite Window sales video, made by Stream Productions.

For artistic performances, we have years of experience with everything from simple documentation to dynamic, multi-camera edited productions, working with dance recitals, theater/plays, bands, music videos, and more. Check out our Artistic Performances page for more information and examples of our work.

Jimmy Tingle, for the Art Buchwald Possible Dreams Auction, shot in Stream Production's Green Screen Studio in Woburn, MA.

Call Stream Productions to learn more about our
video production services 781-937-9900

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Stream Productions Video and Multimedia Solutions
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