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Audio Visual Equipment Rentals

We provide the equipment and technical support to ensure that every presentation looks and sounds great. We have a variety of packages for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. Call us for a quote! 781-937-9900

ELMO Visual                 Presenter
• Projector Screens
32" LCD Monitor

• 40" LCD Monitor
46" LED Monitor
• 65" LED Monitor
• DVD Players
• Audio Mixer: Allen         Heath Mix Master           WZ3: 14:4:2

• Video Switchers
• Audio Amplification
• 19" LCD Monitors
22" LED Monitors
• X-Ray Box
• Public Address System
• Wireless Microphones
• Loud Speaker: 1000 watt JBL PRX 612M powered          speaker with stand
• Press Box



ELMO Rentals

We rent Elmo Visual Presenters, which are document cameras often used in the courtroom. Along with the document camera, you'll also need a projector and screen or a monitor system.

So what's the best solution for your trial? We'll conduct a pre-trial site evaluation and select the right equipment for the case and courtroom layout. We provide delivery, setup, instruction and are available for technical support for the duration of the trial.

Call Stream Productions today 781-937-9900 for more audio and visual
equipment rental information!

Stream Productions Video and Multimedia Solutions
Boston Office - Burlington, MA  |  p: 781-937-9900  

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