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Hot Seat Operator?

Hot Seat Operator: 

A trial presentation specialist who operates the computer used to present documents, video depositions, and other visual evidence on display screens in the courtroom.

Why Choose National Video Reporters for Trial Presentation Services?


We help attorneys prepare and present evidence for trials of all sizes as part of our daily business. While technology has changed, the objective remains the same: The jury must see and hear the evidence clearly and without delay. We do that! Before working on your trial our “Hot Seat Operators” have assisted on hundreds of cases in a variety of litigation support roles.


Our rates for Trial Technology Specialists/Hot Seat Operators are competitive because our costs are lower. We develop our Hot Seat Operators in house from our full-time staff and keep them busy year round.

Trial Technology Specialist

A technician who assists the litigation team in organizing, preparing, and presenting visual evidence in the courtroom, especially when computers and electronic equipment is involved.

Call Out

Enlarging a portion of a document at the command of the attorney while it is being displayed to the jury. This term may also be used to describe a document that has enlarged portions prepared in advance.


The process of directly matching text from a transcript with the corresponding video from a deposition. Synchronized transcripts can be used to word search a video, create video excerpts and closed caption effects.

Mobile Video Conference 

A great way to present a live witness in the courtroom from a remote location. We now have wireless 4G solutions for the courtroom.

Document Camera

 A camera mounted over a platform used to display paper documents, photographs, and small objects in the courtroom. The document camera must be connected to a projector. Sometimes referred to as an Elmo, a document camera brand frequently used in the courtroom


A preferred video file type for synchronizing transcripts with the video. Tapes and many types of DVD must be converted to mpg1 before synchronization with the transcript can be done. We do that!

Quality Service

What you deserve and receive when you hire National Video Reporters, Inc.

Peace of Mind

The secure feeling you have when you retain National Video Reporters for trial presentation services.

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