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Interviews and Testimonials

Real Clients Bring Real Results


Clients are interested in hearing about your product, and who better to tell them about it, than someone who's actually used it? Testimonials are a powerful way to help potential clients understand and believe in the service or product that you're offering.


William James College Innovation Campaign

Featuring interviews with integrated B-Roll.


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Weston Primary Care - Concierge Internal Medicine



Interviews are a tool that provides a more structured format for experts, or others to talk about your products and services, and can engage potential clients while providing them with key information.


Digital Video Editing and File Conversion

Have video footage already? We'll edit your existing video to your specifications and convert the video to the file type that is best for your application. We can add titles, motion graphics, and transitions to make your video look the best that it can, then have it ready for you to upload to Vimeo, Youtube, or your own website. 

Stream Productions Video and Multimedia Solutions
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